HS code

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Tariff codes explained – What are HS and HTS codes & why are they important?

If you're deciding on the best classification solution for your business, understanding the harmonised tariff ...

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The importance of compliance in customs classification

If you’re involved in international trade, you’ll know the significance of compliance in shipping goods ac...

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Prioritising product classification means stock arrives in time for Summer

With the weather improving and BBQ season approaching, retailers are gearing up to ensure demand is met for a ...

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What’s the difference between a HS code and tariff code?

If your business ships products internationally, you'll know that customs classification is a vital part of th...

COE supply chain management

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A supplier-first approach to customs classification

Who knows your products best? Your suppliers of course. Putting them at the heart of the customs classificatio...

digital trade

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How to get the most out of your customs classification team

Customs compliance is rightly an ongoing concern for many businesses. The responsibility of assigning HS codes...

customs classification

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What’s changed in HS codes in the HS2023 update?

Whilst not as extensive as the five-yearly Harmonised System review in 2021-2022, there have been a number of ...

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Watch now: What are the benefits of digitising your customs

In this short video we explain the benefits of digitising the customs classification process with an autom...

Christmas HS code

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Custom classifications made easy during peak sales periods 

Supply chain forward planning along with good inventory forecasting earlier in the year is coming home to roos...

HRMC customs declaration system TariffTel

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Customs Declaration Service (CDS) checklist

The current customs declaration system (CHIEF) is due to be replaced by the new Customs Declaration System (CD...