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This funding can be used to purchase software that will make customs declarations more efficient.
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What is Customs Classification?

Customs classification is the process of determining the tariff code for imported and exported goods.
Classification of goods has an impact on customs duties, excise duties, import VAT and more.

An innovative online Customs Classification & Management solution, that classifies & determines the standard & country specific duty rate.

Clipboard Poor compliance leads to duty overpayments

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Reduce Costs

Implementing TariffTel can significantly reduce the manpower required to run your classification system by using your vendors and/or system automation.

Improve Compliance/Accuracy

TariffTel can assist in obtaining the information required to arrive at an accurate classification. TariffTel clients have improved their classification accuracy and compliance significantly.


The automation modules within TariffTel can reduce the number of products requiring manual classification or final checking, reducing resources needed and reducing costs.

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