The highest standard in
customs classification

Unbeatable tariff code accuracy, duty rate assurance and cost savings when classifying products

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These businesses rely on TariffTel everyday for accurate tariff codes

There are many good reasons why accurate tariff codes matter in trade 

Accurate tariff codes helps your trade operations to run smoothly and efficiently. With accurate HS codes, you benefit from:

  • An uninterrupted and quick moving supply chain

  • Compliance with trading rules & regulations

  • Assurance you pay the right duty amount

Customs classification solutions like TariffTel make assigning accurate tariff codes for products easy and quick. You improve compliance standards, receive a full audit trail of your products and keep up-to-date with code changes.

With TariffTel, you benefit from the highest standard in customs classification. You’ll soon see why it matters.

See how TariffTel is different

Accurate tariff codes start with your suppliers

Your suppliers know your products best, they are the gatekeepers to all product data. Collecting this data at source through simple data input unlocks the key to unbeatable tariff code accuracy. Easy input, securely shared and maintained by TariffTel.

Uninterrupted, smooth-running
supply chain 

There’s many moving parts in a supply chain that can cause deep-rooted disruption. Don’t let tariff codes be one of them. Shipments with accurate tariff codes pass through border controls quickly and easily, reaching their destination as planned without delay.


Customs rules and regulations are complex and vary significantly by country. It’s easy to be caught out and face fines and prosecution from customs authorities if you misclassify goods. Our highly experienced team maintain our system and are with you through every classification.

Duty rate assurance 

In our experience, many businesses unknowingly pay more than they need to in duty costs. We help businesses pay the correct amount, and automatically maintain tariff codes for them when they change due to updates. Under-paying duty means fines to cover the gap.

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