TariffTel features

Revolutionise the way you classify products.

Discover a highly accurate and compliant customs classification solution that streamlines your operations to save you time and money and delivers absolute visibility.

Easy to use, forward-planning interface

Our intuitive interface can be navigated quickly and easily to capture, store and retrieve the essential product data needed for accurate classification. Forward planning is easy with our system alerts flagging products that need classifying prior to shipping.

Absolute data visibility

A centralised dashboard that provides unparalleled visibility across your classification and supply chain operations. Monitor updates, track progress and access critical data all from one central point.

Bulk data upload

Simplify and expedite the classification process by uploading large volumes of data in one go. Our software supports various file formats, allowing you to seamlessly import product data, descriptions, and attributes.

Tariff code maintenance 

Guarantee compliance and accuracy with our tariff code maintenance feature that ensures you are always up to date with the latest code updates and new additions to the tariff book. The latest information, as and when it happens.

Supplier collaboration

Communicate and collaborate directly with suppliers, enabling the swift exchange of product information and documentation. By collecting data at source from your suppliers, you deal with accurate data at the start.

Access to experts

We go beyond automation. Receive personalised support and guidance from industry-leading specialists to navigate complex classification challenges with confidence. Ambiguous product descriptions or intricate regulation? Our experts can help.

Auditable precision

Log, track and document every classification decision and trust the integrity of your classification process. Receive a clear audit trail for regulatory purposes and internal standards.

Image storage

Effortlessly store and access images of thousands of products within TariffTel. From detailed product shots to ingredients lists and packaging labels, our image storage feature provides visual references to complement classification data.

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