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We take on the complexities of customs, leaving you more time to manage your shipping operations and ensure your supply chain remains uninterrupted.

Based in central London, our friendly team of experts is amongst the most highly qualified in the industry and experienced in working across a range of industries.


The highest standard in customs classification.


We have a unique approach which means we provide the highest possible standard in customs classification and unparalleled accuracy. We focus on making sense of the complex language of customs. No jargon, just a simple-to-use, highly sophisticated system led by our friendly customs experts. We believe in a collaborative approach. Our team are on hand to discuss and decipher classifications from the relatively simple to the most complex.


Our approach to customs classification is unique, by leveraging the data already available from within your supply chain, gathering, storing and interpreting this essential product data through our system, your business is assured accurate tariff codes every time.

Ready to improve your tariff code accuracy?

We are the classification experts

Customs classification is complex but our experts love a challenge. If you have a product to classify that is causing some confusion or debate, get in touch with our expert team. We’ve classified everything from chicken nappies to niche manufacturing parts and everything inbetween – there’s no classification we haven’t mastered!

These businesses rely on TariffTel everyday for accurate tariff codes. 

TariffTel was founded in London in 2011 and created with one clear purpose in mind, the validation and management of supply chain data to provide accurate tariff codes. From the start our aim was to ensure our customers paid the correct amount in duty, became more efficient in their processes and avoided disruption due to misclassification.

Our mission remains and is even more important in today’s changing environmental and regulatory trading environment. We want to set businesses up for success in trading across borders and amongst differing customs considerations. That’s why our robust customs classification framework has been designed to expand with you, as your business grows overseas.

Scaling trade operations can be difficult, classification needn’t be.

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