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On the 12th June 2024, at 2-3pm, we will be hosting a must-attend webinar with the Institute of Export & International Trade entitled ‘Customs classification – the devil’s in the data’.

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This free one-hour webinar will introduce the importance of having detailed and accurate data to hand when classifying goods and will explain how businesses can ensure best practice in classification to avoid shipment delays and possible fines.

Our TariffTel Customs Systems Manager, Elizabeth Davies, will be hosting the webinar alongside the IOE&IT’s Lyn Dewsbury.


Together they will cover the following key areas:

– What customs classification is and why it’s important
– Information used to classify goods
– Importance of record-keeping and best practice for storing goods data
– Digital solutions for managing the use of goods data across the supply chain
– Upcoming developments in customs classification including Digital Product Passports and the Single Trade Window

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Why is data important in classification?

Data management is one of the biggest challenges many companies face across their supply chain. Customs classification requires meticulous attention to detail, with accurate and up-to-date information about a product being paramount. Ensuring the seamless flow of data across various systems and platforms while maintaining data integrity can be a daunting task for many businesses.

The master data held on each product can vary significantly and gathering it in the first place can be tricky. You may be holding this data on spreadsheets which you need to manually maintain, and it may be recorded ad hoc from the scant information provided by your suppliers or on documentation. This can all lead to data integrity challenges. When you improve this data capture process at the start of classification using a customs classification solution that makes data capture and storage easy, many of the challenges go away.

TariffTel is a unique system, trusted by businesses such as Boohoo, Primark and ASDA, for its innovative approach to engaging with your suppliers. By gathering essential product data at source with suppliers who know your products best, the initial data used to classify can be verified and relied upon. The ‘make-up’ of a product, be it fabric composition, fat or sugar content with food products or metal type with car parts, are all crucial pieces of information that need to be shared and regularly updated on your customs classification system.

Tune into the webinar to learn best practice skills in classification.

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