8 Key Takeaways from the Customs Compliance event

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Our team attend many industry events to share their expertise and hear about developments in the industry – of which there are many. Trade never stands still.

We sat down with Elizabeth Davies, our TariffTel Systems Manager and Tim Ingram – Smith, our Head of Technology, and asked them a few important questions about is happening in the sector at the moment, and what businesses should be looking for when choosing customs classification software. They reveal some top advice and things to have on your radar.

Video 1) What is the biggest challenge in classification?


Video 2) What are the key things impacting classification at the moment?

Video 3) What makes a good customs classification solution?

Video 4) How does TariffTel transform business operations?

Video 5) How is TariffTel different to other solutions?

Video 6) What’s best practice in customs classification?

Video 7) How does a customs classification solution save costs and ensure reliable shipments?

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