Blog 4

How to strategically invest in the future of your supply chain

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, supply chain disruption has emerged as a critical concern ...

Disaster recovery

Blog 5

The Importance of Supply Chain Continuity Planning

Disaster recovery planning sits as high on the management agenda as any kind of major operational or business ...

Digitised supply chain

Blog 5 mins

How a digitised supply chain reduces risk in logistics operations

The disruption of global supply chains due to recent world events such as the pandemic, BREXIT and the Ukraine...

digitising supply chains

Blog 5 mins

5 ways to advance your digitised supply chain

At CORE, we define digitising as the transformation of applying technology to enhance supply chain per...

COE supply chain management

Blog 2 mins

The importance of a vendor packing list

A packing list is an important document used in international trade as it provides crucial information about a...

HS code

Blog 5 mins

All you need to know about new HS 2022 commodity codes

The next challenge for cross border ecommerce is upon us as the new edition of the Harmonised System, HS 2022,...

Digitised supply chain

Tool 3m

The impact of incorrect tariff code classification

Classification of goods is significant from a customs point of view. It has an impact on customs duties, excis...

food manufacturing Brexit

Blog 4m

The Impact of Brexit on Food Manufacturing

British food manufacturers have faced one of the toughest times whilst they navigate the increased bureaucracy...