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Blog 4 mins

Team spotlight – Elizabeth Davies, Customs Systems Manager

This month it's our Customs System's Manager, Elizabeth Davies, taking a turn in the hot seat and telling us a...

Blog 5 mins

How TariffTel transforms your approach to customs classification

International trade today is a dynamic and evolving world to operate in. Whichever sector you are in from reta...

Blog 6 mins

How technology integration is transforming customs classification

In today's rapidly evolving global marketplace, the successful adoption and integration of a customs classific...

Blog 8 mins

Three common misconceptions about tariff codes

If you’re shipping goods internationally, your team are using tariff codes. The chances are many are incorre...

Blog 4 min

How TariffTel supported boohoo Group’s US expansion

Entering and succeeding in a new market, especially one where the customs controls vary significantly to the U...

Blog 3 mins

We’re talking all things integration at this year’s Customs Compliance

The Customs Compliance Conference takes place in London on 6-7 March. This is an important gathering for all U...

customs classification

Blog 3 mins

What are the consequences of misclassification?

A common misconception is that misclassifying products with inaccurate tariff codes has minimal consequences. ...

Blog 3 mins

When classification goes wrong for a toy importer

  In a recent tribunal between HMRC and Star Images Enterprises, a licensed dolls and figures importer...

Blog 5 mins

Tariff codes explained – What are HS and HTS codes & why are they important?

If you're deciding on the best classification solution for your business, understanding the harmonised tariff ...