digitising supply chains

Blog 4

How to strategically invest in the future of your supply chain

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, supply chain disruption has emerged as a critical concern ...

Blog 4 mins

What’s the difference between a HS code and tariff code?

If your business ships products internationally, you'll know that customs classification is a vital part of th...

Digitised supply chain

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How a digitised supply chain reduces risk in logistics operations

The disruption of global supply chains due to recent world events such as the pandemic, BREXIT and the Ukraine...

digitising supply chains

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5 ways to advance your digitised supply chain

At CORE, we define digitising as the transformation of applying technology to enhance supply chain per...

COE supply chain management

Blog 2 mins

The importance of a vendor packing list

A packing list is an important document used in international trade as it provides crucial information about a...