digitised customs classification

Blog 5 mins

How to prepare for the Christmas sales period

It may be Summer but retailers are turning their heads to Christmas and their peak sales period where they can...

Blog 5 mins

Prioritising product classification means stock arrives in time for Summer

With the weather improving and BBQ season approaching, retailers are gearing up to ensure demand is met for a ...

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What’s the difference between a HS code and tariff code?

If your business ships products internationally, you'll know that customs classification is a vital part of th...

customs classification

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Five benefits of outsourcing your customs classification

Customs classification is complex. Whether you are classifying one or a thousand different SKUs you can quickl...

HS code

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The high price of using incorrect tariff codes

There’s been plenty of reports of shipments arriving at borders with the wrong tariff code assigned but what...

Digitised supply chain

Tool 3m

The impact of incorrect tariff code classification

Classification of goods is significant from a customs point of view. It has an impact on customs duties, excis...