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System Overview / Description

Key features of the TariffTel system

System Features

Key features of the TariffTel system

  • Captures vendor unit costs for individual Set Items and across size ranges.
  • The facility to manage classification at your product size level.
  • Allows for fabric composition variance across a range of sizes – changing the customs description.
  • Supports different items of a product set across sizes (e.g. Dress and head-band for Babies, dress and handbag for Girls)
  • Facility to add and manage product components, where individual components are declared separately.
  • Integration with label printers for fabric compositions.
  • Capture country of origin of manufacture and country of origin of fabric for supplier declaration.
  • A range of configuration options to automate classification and to enable TariffTel to meet current and future product types and regime changes.
  • Comprehensive system audit - who, when and what.
  • Vendor management through reporting and Red, Amber, Green alerting.
  • Dedicated Vendor portal and Importer management dashboard.
  • Document management and distribution, including scanned images and photographs.

Additional Features

  • Secure internet system with a global reach delivered via our hosted services.
  • Integration with ERP systems with EDI interfaces for Order or Product data in and Tariff Code and Custom Descriptions out.
  • Powerful event based management and exception based alerting and reporting.
  • Comprehensive reporting features combined with flexible delivery options.
  • Powerful free text search engine.
  • Olap functions for multidimensional views of data.
  • Reporting and document production from user defined datasets.
  • A rich and intuitive user interface for easy navigation.
  • Role based profiles and dashboards.
  • Graphs and chart views to visualise patterns and trends.
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