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Logistics Service Providers

Remove the headache of classification and outsource the whole process to us.

We can use the TariffTel system to automate classification where possible to reduce the cost of classification to you, arrange BTIs and liaise with vendors and buyers to obtain the information to arrive at an accurate classification.

We can provide the customs classification code back in to your systems or direct to your customs broker or declaration system.

Whether you are classifying internally or using a freight forwarder or other 3rd party, why not work out the cost of classification to your business and the contact us to see if we can reduce your costs.

Case Study

We take an order feed from a large well known high street retailer and load this in to the TariffTel system. We obtain further product details and images from their PLM system and attach this info to the order. Applicable item types are assigned to the items and an accurate tariff code is proffered to the order item. Interfaces are then used to export to the client's customs declaration software ready for when the goods arrive. We liaise with buyers and suppliers when further info is required to ensure we get the classification correct.

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