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Case Studies

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TariffTel can be adapted to suit your organisation, form engaging with your vendors to providing an in house system to aid your staff to classify their products. Below are a couple of case studies on how high street retailers are using TariffTel.

Case Studies

Who: Supermarket Clothing Retailer

Type of Solution: TariffTel Enterprise – Vendor Engagement
Volume: 25K plus unique products per annum.

Classification is undertaken at the post order but pre-shipping stage. TariffTel receives PO feed with details of product, required ship date and vendor. Each vendor logs onto the TariffTel Vendor Dashboard and provides information requested by TariffTel from drop-down lists. Vendors are also instructed to upload images of the product for audit and validation.

Vendors must submit details before the earliest ship date of all related orders.

Once the vendor submits the product to TariffTel it is classified automatically based on the information provided. Submissions can be automatically referred to the import team for review before accepting the TariffTel classification.

Tariff Codes and customs friendly product descriptions are fed back to the customer at order level. Partial customs entry automation is achieved with a joint integration of TariffTel data and the customers supply chain software.

Who: High Street Retailer – DIY, Home furnishings and Electricals.

Type of Solution: TariffTel Enterprise – Buying Support
Volume: 40K plus unique products per annum.

Classification is undertaken at the pre order stage. The product range is huge; nearly everything you can buy from the high street.

TariffTel provides the buying teams with classification support, allowing them to bulk update multiple items with similar characteristics, and to obtain standard and country specific duty rates.

The result is fast and accurate classifications.

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By integrating with your order system TariffTel can automatically keep your vendors updated with the latest products requiring classification prior to shipping. This approach ensures the products have an approved tariff code and customs - friendly invoice description long before they depart.

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