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Classification solutions to suit you.

System Overview

Explore the TariffTel system features that make it one of the best classification tools available today to improve accuracy, compliance and reduce overheads…

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Customs Classification Management Solutions

We have solutions available to suit any size of business and budget, to improve accuracy, compliance and reduce costs…

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We can offer a full outsourcing service to classify your products for you using TariffTel functionality and automation to keep costs low…

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System Features

Key features of the TariffTel system

  • Captures vendor unit costs for individual Set Items and across size ranges.
  • The facility to manage classification at your product size level.
  • Allows for fabric composition variance across a range of sizes – changing the customs description.
  • Supports different items of a product set across sizes (e.g. Dress and head-band for Babies, dress and handbag for Girls)
  • Facility to add and manage product components, where individual components are declared separately.
  • Integration with label printers for fabric compositions.
  • Capture country of origin of manufacture and country of origin of fabric for supplier declaration.
  • A range of configuration options to automate classification and to enable TariffTel to meet current and future product types and regime changes.
  • Comprehensive system audit - who, when and what.
  • Vendor management through reporting and Red, Amber, Green alerting.
  • Dedicated Vendor portal and Importer management dashboard.
  • Document management and distribution, including scanned images and photographs.

Additional Features

  • Secure internet system with a global reach delivered via our hosted services.
  • Integration with ERP systems with EDI interfaces for Order or Product data in and Tariff Code and Custom Descriptions out.
  • Powerful event based management and exception based alerting and reporting.
  • Comprehensive reporting features combined with flexible delivery options.
  • Powerful free text search engine.
  • Olap functions for multidimensional views of data.
  • Reporting and document production from user defined datasets.
  • A rich and intuitive user interface for easy navigation.
  • Role based profiles and dashboards.
  • Graphs and chart views to visualise patterns and trends.
For the importer

Solutions for any business large or small

Customs classification is a complicated area and companies work in different ways. To that effect we have not produced a one size fits all system and we can provide a solution to suit the products you are importing, the size of your organisation and your budget. Some typical solutions are detailed below:

Vendor Engagement

Even with a perfect classification tool, having to look up tariff codes, product by product, is time consuming.

Suitable for importers needing a solution to classify large numbers of products or where the level of product information may not be available in order to classify products. Some key features include:-

  • Vendors logging on to their own dashboards
  • Simple to select product specific item types and information
  • Upload images and documents so you can clearly identify the product being imported
  • Obtain specific pricing on sets to ensure the correct amount of duty is paid
  • Classify products before they are shipped, reducing import clearance delays
  • Review final classification or assign automation to
  • Full classification audit
  • Detailed classification database available

Local User System

Ideal for importers who need an accurate classification solution with the ability to classify multiple products at the same time and that requires no specialist personnel. Even buyers and merchandisers can classify their products with ease and also obtain MFN, GSP and other Trade Agreement rates to work out landed costs.

  • Import products from PO systems, Excel spreadsheets and key products manually
  • Classify multiple products at the same time
  • MFN and Trade Agreement rates available
  • Upload and store documents and images
  • No more classification spreadsheets needed
  • Classify automatically depending on quality of data available
  • Classification database available for viewing by 3rd parties if required
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By integrating with your order system TariffTel can automatically keep your vendors updated with the latest products requiring classification prior to shipping. This approach ensures the products have an approved tariff code and customs - friendly invoice description long before they depart.
Logistics Service Providers

Remove the headache of classification and outsource the whole process to us.

We can use the TariffTel system to automate classification where possible to reduce the cost of classification to you, arrange BTIs and liaise with vendors and buyers to obtain the information to arrive at an accurate classification.

We can provide the customs classification code back in to your systems or direct to your customs broker or declaration system.

Whether you are classifying internally or using a freight forwarder or other 3rd party, why not work out the cost of classification to your business and the contact us to see if we can reduce your costs.

Case Study

We take an order feed from a large well known high street retailer and load this in to the TariffTel system. We obtain further product details and images from their PLM system and attach this info to the order. Applicable item types are assigned to the items and an accurate tariff code is proffered to the order item. Interfaces are then used to export to the client's customs declaration software ready for when the goods arrive. We liaise with buyers and suppliers when further info is required to ensure we get the classification correct.

For the importer

Solutions to suit any size of business.

TariffTel can be adapted to suit your organisation, from engaging with your vendors to providing an in house system to aid your staff to classify their products. Below are a couple of case studies on how high street retailers are using TariffTel.

Who: Supermarket Clothing Retailer

Type of Solution: TariffTel Enterprise – Vendor Engagement
Volume: 25K plus unique products per annum.

Classification is undertaken at the post order but pre-shipping stage. TariffTel receives PO feed with details of product, required ship date and vendor. Each vendor logs onto the TariffTel Vendor Dashboard and provides information requested by TariffTel from drop-down lists. Vendors are also instructed to upload images of the product for audit and validation.

Vendors must submit details before the earliest ship date of all related orders.

Once the vendor submits the product to TariffTel it is classified automatically based on the information provided. Submissions can be automatically referred to the import team for review before accepting the TariffTel classification.

Tariff Codes and customs friendly product descriptions are fed back to the customer at order level. Partial customs entry automation is achieved with a joint integration of TariffTel data and the customers supply chain software.

Who: High Street Retailer – DIY, Home furnishings and Electricals.

Type of Solution: TariffTel Enterprise – Buying Support
Volume: 40K plus unique products per annum.

Classification is undertaken at the pre order stage. The product range is huge; nearly everything you can buy from the high street.

TariffTel provides the buying teams with classification support, allowing them to bulk update multiple items with similar characteristics, and to obtain standard and country specific duty rates.

The result is fast and accurate classifications.

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By integrating with your order system TariffTel can automatically keep your vendors updated with the latest products requiring classification prior to shipping. This approach ensures the products have an approved tariff code and customs - friendly invoice description long before they depart.

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