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Outsourced Customs Classification

Outsourced Customs Classification

Outsource your products HS Code classification and management to us

Classifying products accurately requires knowledge and obtaining the necessary information on the essential characteristics for customs.

By leveraging our TariffTel system, our customs experts can reduce the cost and improve the accuracy of classification of your products. We can also:

  • Liaise with buyers and suppliers directly
  • Make BTI applications on your behalf for difficult items
  • Respond to seasonal demands
  • Provide audit and KPIs

TariffTel can obtain the essential characteristics of products systematically, through engagement and integration with your partners, including suppliers, via online portals, and questionnaires. Implementing these principles ensures accurate classification and compliance.

Supplier Engagement

We can engage with your suppliers to obtain information on products to ensure the correct classification, including variations by product size, net weight, fabric composition, product images and other supporting documentation (certificate of origin/compliance, Martindale test results etc). In addition, we can capture unit costs at product set item level, country of origin, country of manufacture and country of origin of fibres within a fabric.

Classification Process Example

Your product data would be loaded into TariffTel from Spreadsheet, CSV or other electronic formats. Our IT engineers will analyse and transform/enhance the data if necessary.

For each Customs Authority a classification is required, the following process would apply;

Initially, our classification team would conduct searches and assign essential customs characteristics to products and classify multiple products at the same time which share the same characteristics.

Once bulk classification of products has been completed, items will then be classified at an individual product level. If the product record contains all necessary information, characteristics will be assigned, and the product classified.

If the record does not contain the necessary information, then the classification team will source the missing information from your PLM system (or product database), online catalogue, contact you directly or reach out to your nominated contact e.g. supplier.

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