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HS Code Maintenance

HS Code Maintenance

Our HS Code maintenance service is a key element in the reduction of costs and ensuring the HS Code of active SKUs are current, reflecting any changes to the HS books.

We can manage changes against your products on your behalf or simply notify you of the changes affecting your products – whatever works best for you.

How does HS Code Maintenance work?

We obtain HS Code and customs data directly from the relevant customs authority or via bureau services, depending on availability. For example, we currently obtain from the European Commission at the end of the current month, the tariff classification codes and duty rates that will become valid the following month.

If codes are no longer valid then we investigate if a tariff code has been removed or replaced with a new code. A search is then undertaken to identify the products that may be subject to a change of tariff.

For items that have been simply replaced with a new code, we will assign the new tariff code to the products in your database.

In some situations, however, tariff codes may be replaced by two or more and further information may be required for a product to assign the correct code. An example being, products that were previously classified under “other articles of wood” are now to be classified based on the type of wood, such as bamboo. If the type of wood was not required at the time of the original classification of the product and the type of wood was not provided at the time of the original classification, then we would need to obtain further information from the supplier/client in order now to determine the correct classification.

We also access HMRC notices of classification changes and directives issued by the WCO, the EU, and US. When directives and classification opinions are issued, we will change the tariff codes for products and issue advice accordingly.

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