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HS Code Lookup Tool

HS Code Lookup Tool

We at TariffTel have developed a unique HS Code Lookup Tool to help you determine the correct Harmonized (‘HS’), HTS, Commodity or Tariff Code for your item. Search using an item's descriptions and by selecting matching characteristics – it couldn't be easier to find your matching code.

Unlike other tools, TariffTel is not simply a tool that searches an electronic version of the HS book, but a solution that allows you to focus on the characteristics of your item. Our unique approach to classification provides accurate results using our proprietary data that has been interpreted from the HS books and their explanatory notes - so you don't have to.

A tariff code, sometimes referred to as a commodity code or HTS Code, is a code recognised internationally as a standard to describe goods at the point of import and export.

What is a Tariff Code?

What is a HS Code?

Our HS Code Lookup Tool allows you to:

  • Obtain the HS Code for export and the Tariff Commodity Code for import for the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, Australia, and many more
  • Easily find your item using our intelligent search and by answering questions specific to customs requirements for your item
  • Receive an email of the classification for your records
  • Registered users can review their classification history online

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