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Expert Customs Classification

Expert Customs Classification

Every product has its own unique tariff classification or HS code (Harmonised System). The HS Code will determine the % of duty payable on import, and it is therefore essential that declarations are accurate and compliant.

What is a Tariff Code?

What is a HS Code?

There are tens of thousands of different classifications. A subtle difference in a product’s characteristics, composition or construction will change the classification and impact the duty rate.

Accurate classification requires an understanding of the product category to be classified and a detailed knowledge of the structure of the Customs Tariff.

Our customs experts offer our customers a professional tariff classification service.

Reduce Duty Payments & Customs Entry Costs

Often, when there is missing information, or there is a lack of a confidence in a classification, the general practice is to assign a HS Code that attracts a higher rate of duty

Poor compliance leads to higher occurrences of duty over payments!

Poor compliance can therefore lead to higher occurrences of duty over payments.

Our experts are here to help you attain 100% compliance which will eliminate non-compliance penalties, duty over payments and the associated administrative resource costs in processing any reclaims.

Case Study - $250,000 reclaim

Our customer - a catalogue retailer who outsourced the classification of their products to a forwarder, during a period of internal technical skills shortage. Our experts conducted an audit covering this period and identified significant errors in the classification of their products.

One error alone resulted in a duty reclaim of circa $250,000 on wireless speakers.

How do I calculate how much import duty and taxes I will pay?

To classify your product, ask our expert now.

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