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TariffTel Essentials - Online Classification Tool

Classify your products for free using our online HS Code Lookup tool. Register now to receive 5 free classifications per month. If you need to do more you can buy extra Credits – check out our Pricing Plan.

TariffTel Online is an easy to use tool to quickly classify your product and determine the standard and country specific duty rates.

To manage your product database online and access more features try our TariffTel Premium. This one’s not free but we think it’s worth it!

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TariffTel Premium - Online Classification System

Manage and classify your product database online using our TariffTel Premium system;

  • Load products from Excel.
  • Update and classify in bulk.
  • Share with colleagues – give them their own TariffTel logons.
  • Export classification results to Excel and other file types.
  • Integrate with your systems with EDI.

TariffTel Premium is coming soon. To be notified when it is available and receive free online classifications, register your interest by e-mailing [email protected]

Expert Classification

Every product has its own unique tariff classification or HS code (Harmonised System). The HS Code will determine the % of duty payable on import and it is therefore essential that declarations are accurate and compliant.

There are tens of thousands of different classifications. A subtle difference in a product’s characteristics, composition or construction will change the classification and impact the duty rate.

Accurate classification requires an understanding of the product category to be classified and a detailed knowledge of the structure of the Customs Tariff.

Our customs experts can offer our customers a professional tariff classification service.

To classify your product now.

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Outsource Your Classification

By leveraging our TariffTel system, our customs experts can reduce the cost and improve the accuracy of classification of your products.

  • Liaise with buyers and suppliers directly.
  • BTI applications on your behalf for difficult items.
  • Respond to seasonal demands.
  • Provide audit and KPIs.

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