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HS Code Lookup for Import into United States of America

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For import into United States of America United States of America

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What makes TariffTel different?

Unlike others, TariffTel is not simply a tool that searches an electronic version of the HS book, but a solution that allows you to focus on the characteristics of your item. Our unique approach to classification provides accurate results using our proprietary data that has been interpreted from the HS books and their explanatory notes - so you don't have to.

What is a Tariff Code?

A tariff code, sometimes referred to as a commodity code or HTS Code, is a code published by each individual country or group of countries. It is comprised of the 6-digit HS code and may have an extension to the code comprising of usually between an additional 2 to 6 digits, depending on the country.

The additional digits permit each country to set duty rates and taxes for a greater range of products, monitor controlled goods and collect import statistics. Tariff codes are required for import.

What is a HS Code?

The HS Code is a six-digit code that identifies a commodity. Its structure is based on the chapter number, heading and subheading codes of the HS nomenclature.

For example, HS Code 620520 would therefore comprise of the following: -

  • 62 (Chapter) - Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, not knitted or crocheted
  • 05 (Heading) – Men's or Boy's Shirts
  • 20 (Subheading) – Of Cotton

All countries using the HS will publish their own tariffs using this universal code. HS Codes are required for export.

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